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  1. Start with choosing the right agent (see “Choosing The Right Agent”)
  2. Have a Current Market Analysis done
  3. Agreeing to list price and contract terms, what’s your time frame
  4. Marketing of your home (see “Marketing Plan”)
  5. Prepare your home for showings by buyers (see “Home Preparation Tips”)
  6. The “Offer to Purchase”
  7. The Home Inspection
  8. Be prepared for negotiation
  9. Finalize terms and sign Offer to Purchase which will be translated to the

      Purchase and Sale Agreement

  1. Once buyer has bank commitment start to pack
  2. Closing and Moving Day

Get ready to do it all again but as the buyer this time.

Have a good Current Market Analysis done:
When you have one of our agents or another company come over to give you a value on your home make sure they are using current information.  In todays market information that is over six months old is too old.  Prices are adjusting quickly and you need to price your home with a good number.  A properly priced home in good condition will sell in a timely fashion. The term of the contract should reflect the average marketing time for your area.

Location: Your home’s location will effect the price
Condition: Up keep and presentation of  your property greatly effects price
Price and Terms:  Price greatly effects how long it will take to sell your home.  Over pricing takes a great deal longer.

All of these items are in control of you the Seller.

Your success in selling is very dependent on the quality of the agent you choose.  You need to understand that an agent does not get paid until a closing occurs.  So you should be concerned if your agent doesn’t want to do any advertising or marketing above and beyond what their office might do to expose your property to potential buyers.  Or will they just put up a sign, put your home in the Multiple Listing Service and pray??

Our agents:

  1. Know how to get the best exposure for your property
  2. Most have a personal website
  3. Advertise in local publications, (Not the best way to sell your home but promotes the company)
  4. Invests in their own advertising
  5. Produces slide shows of your property and puts it on the Internet for buyers to see, 80% of buyers look to the Internet first and want to see lots of pictures.
  6. Knows how to use a digital camera, there is no reason your home shouldn’t have lots of pictures, the only exception would be if you are selling a distressed property that doesn’t photograph well

While no one can guarantee a quick sale, a agent who performs like this will make your selling experience smoother, will cause you less stress and will provide the highest possibility of a successful sale.

Your agent will be keeping you abreast of the activity on your home, with updates on calls and showing results and general market conditions.  How often you would like to be contacted will be between you the seller and your listing agent.

Your home should be made readily available to show with a schedule being worked out when your home is listed.  Our policy is to try to give 24 hour notice in all fairness to you but we will contact you with short notice showings just incase your home is could be made available.  Every showing is important.

When you do have a scheduled showing try to spruce up as much as possible, since the initial listing of your property you should have taken care of any suggestions that your agent had made but day to day living usually requires some last minute attention.  Try to leave during a showing, buyers feel much more comfortable without you there and will look more thoroughly at your home and not just a quick pass through.  Your Century21 Toomey-Lovett agent will be there or a fellow associate to keep an eye on things and give the tour.


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