The most important ways to finance your new car can be found here. To sell your car fast, risk-free and easy with ongoing financing. Therefore, many consumers are considering financing their new cars. Are you looking for a cheap car financing for your new or used car? Get your car finance at top interest rates now!

Auto Finance Is it worthwhile to buy a car on credit?

Auto Finance Is it worthwhile to buy a car on credit?

Most of them pay for their new vehicle in cash, most of them pay – and often expire in supposedly advantageous conditions. According to a recent Aral study, 56% of all vehicles – whether new cars or used cars – are financed by loans. “Never before have there been so few payers in the trade as in the past year,” affirmed the head of V Financial Services AG, Anton Bandschmann, at the presentation of the annual results.

In 2003, the cash payer share was still 64 percentage points. In total, almost 80% are either financially or by leasing secured, only a quarter of it in cash. Lower interest rates make car financing increasingly interesting. This is ensured above all by the automobile banks. The in-house banks of MB, V and C ie. have long financed a large part of the machines.

For example, MB banks now finance every second Daimler vehicle, and the competitors of V Banks or V Banks have little cause for alarm. The contract volume of automobile banks rose by 2 percentage points to USD 90 billion last year – even though the overall market fell by 4 percentage points. For the banks, playing is comparatively easy at the moment.

Although they often make above-average interest payments, investors currently receive 1.4 percentage points of interest at VBank.

Oldtimer and balloon financing (final installment financing)

Oldtimer and balloon financing (final installment financing)

With oldtimer financing you pay the purchase price including interest in equal installments. The amount of the advance payment and the duration of the financing determine or reduce the monthly fee and allow you a tariff adapted to your budget frame. You pay this until the car is completely paid. In addition to classic car financing, balloon financing (final installment financing) is also offered.

You can also select the desired advance payment, pay a certain monthly installment and must make a final payment after the expiration of the contract. In the case of Classic financing, the last partial payment is no longer required. We insure you against incapacity for work, unemployment benefits and much more in the area of ​​vehicle financing. Which lending institution your lender will depend on the make of your new vehicle.

Our trained specialists will be pleased to advise you in detail and provide you with a customized offer, so that you have enough space for further deposits. Solvency (credit rating) is an important aspect in automotive finance. Our house bank therefore needs a current proof of income, for example when concluding a financing contract. We are happy to advise you in a personal consultation.

If you want to cancel the financing early and pay the remaining amount, this is also possible through us. This varies depending on the financing – we will gladly inform you. We are happy to inform you – at no extra charge! Whether you want to pay for, rent or buy your new car, we will advise you.

You will receive from us an offer tailored to your needs. Here you can put together your dream car and finally compare the financing rates: With us you will find the right new car, regardless of whether you have already decided on a particular car or not yet sure what it should be.