ForumPay and Coastal Properties enable crypto payments for real estate transactions in the United States.

coastal property blockchain division

ForumPay announces another strong partnership with Coastal Properties, one of the leading real estate brokers to bring crypto payments to the US real estate market.

Today’s announcement represents another important step towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency for all types and values ​​of payments in a fully compliant environment “

– Josh Tate

ZURRIEQ, MALTA, October 13, 2021 / – Partnering with Coastal Properties allows one of over 250 million crypto consumers around the world to make a down payment or buy real estate with their favorite wallet and crypto.

As with all other real estate purchases, the process involves the use of a title insurance company to facilitate the transaction in the usual manner with normal warranties and protections.

To use the crypto to buy real estate, the buyer simply scans the QR code presented by the title company. This can be online via an email payment link or in person via a payment terminal. The crypto is instantly converted to fiat at the best conversion rate available for deposit with the securities company who then executes the transaction in the traditional way.

Josh Tate, CEO and Co-Founder of ForumPay, said, “It’s exciting to work with Coastal Properties to bring real estate purchases across the United States to over 250 million global crypto consumers. Today’s announcement represents another important step towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency for all types and values ​​of payments in a fully compliant environment.

Joe Bettag, Owner and Broker of Coastal Properties, said: “We are excited to be working with ForumPay and its unique technology to make real estate purchases with crypto easier. We strongly believe that blockchain technology offers an exciting future in a secure and proven process today in Florida and all other parts of the United States. Through our partnership with ForumPay, crypto holders will be able to diversify their crypto investments directly into real estate through our simple, secure and risk-free payment process.

ForumPay is a full-service fiat payment technology company. Our core processing technology helps businesses attract new customers, optimize customers’ ability to spend, and increase revenue by onboarding over 250 million crypto consumers around the world. Our wallet agnostic solution enables the entire crypto consumer community to spend with their favorite cryptocurrency and from their preferred wallet for all everyday purchases of goods and services to automobiles and immovable. Our services eliminate the trader’s exposure or risk by processing the transaction with instant conversion from crypto to traditional currency. Our merchants simply receive their payments in the currency of their choice directly to their preferred bank account. The transactional experience is the same as accepting other popular payment options, including bank transfers and credit cards, but simpler, faster, and more secure.

In today’s competitive environment, ForumPay is a great tool for businesses to gain a serious competitive advantage with the world’s fastest growing consumer segment. Over 5.6 million wallets were downloaded in January of this year alone. Studies show that 40% of consumers who spend crypto with merchants are actually new customers, hence our characterization of ForumPay as a customer acquisition tool. Additionally, crypto consumers have been shown to spend twice the AOV compared to a typical credit card consumer illustrating the attractive and affluent demographics.

Coastal Properties was founded in 1991 and serves the South Florida market and offers services that include residential and commercial brokerage and management as well as real estate development opportunities. Our established network of real estate brokers can provide similar services across the United States. In 2021, a new division was dedicated to meet the growing need to use crypto / blockchain technology when purchasing real estate – Coastal Properties Blockchain Division.

Joe Bettag, the Broker / Owner has been an investor in Crypto / Blockchain for several years and is heavily involved in the growing Blockchain industry in Florida. He has over 35 years of experience including private equity and managing large real estate assets for an organization listed on the NYSE for five years. He sits on the board of directors of the Miami Real Estate Association-JTHS, the largest association of real estate agents in the United States with over 50,000 members.

According to The College Investor, 90% of the world’s millionaires over the past two centuries were created by investing in real estate. For more details, please contact us at

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