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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without price.


Mark Pischke Estate at Terry Erickson, 1025 and 1027 Redfield St., $ 25,000.

Domaine Judith Seekamp in Dennis Seekamp, ​​1119 Livingston St.

Dennis Seekamp to Michelle Colangelo and Samantha McReynolds, 1119 Livingston St.

Craig Luebke at NRE Properties LLC, 1608, 1610 and 1612 Kane St., $ 179,000.

Great River Homes LLC at State of Wisconsin DOT, 6215, 6217 and 6225 River Run Road, 3925 Sunnyside Road W.

June Schaub to Jeffrey, Mya and Nicole Dehning to Andrew Lysaker, 1621 Livingston St., $ 162,000.

Joseph Cina to Kasey Cook, 2007 30th St. S., $ 198,000.

Andar LLC to Desmond II LLC, 1453 Charles St., $ 169,900.

John Haines at MAT Properties LLC, 2007, 2009 and 2011 Loomis St., $ 175,000.

Ruthann Benson Living Trust to Christopher and Sarah Hilton, 824 Janice Court E., $ 291,000.

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Angelica Spinden to Raluca Balan and Steven Gernhart, 3202 34th St. S., $ 220,000.

Dorothy Johnson Estate at Patricia Johnson, 1241 Adams St.

Margie Bartschenfeld, Kelly Greene, Alan, Christopher, Margot, Robert and Marshal Harris Jr. to Nicolas Salgado, 1626 Liberty St., $ 145,000.

Jessica Flaten to Cory Helke, 2309 Weston Street, $ 170,000.

Cathy and Michael Juran at Guitarland Properties LLC, 5140 Grandwood Place W., $ 300,000.

Cheryl and Jonathan Peters to Marcia Brendum, 1023 25th St. S., $ 133,000.

Sharon Schoen to Felipe Hernandez, 507 Liberty St., $ 130,000.

Michael Sersch and Laura Wright at Fleming Commercial Investments LLC, 1219 Adams St., $ 134,900.

Betty Ehrsam to Sheila Grossman and Kenneth Hof, 3110 Robin Hood Drive, $ 150,000.

H&H Housing Enterprises LLC at Path Investments LLC, 109 24th St. S., $ 134,500.

Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area Inc. to Jacob and Stephanie Klatte, 957 Hood Street, $ 220,000.

Ville de La Crosse at WCRE 3100 LLC, 3100 Berlin Drive.

Christopher and Suki Olson at Sports Nut of La Crosse LLC, 801, 803 and 805 Rose St.

Arthur Melby at Goliath Management LLC, 707, 709, 711 and 713 Market St., $ 113,000.

Katelyn and Micah Ballew at Cassidy Wade, 2318 Redfield Street, $ 230,000.

Beverly Ranis to Christine Hardie, 2336 Madison St., $ 135,000.

John English to Ryan Curti, 1949 21st Terrace S., $ 190,000.


Ashley Beck to Troy Schellinger and Megan Wibben, 1057 Green Bay St., $ 265,000.

David and Stephanie Bentzen at Badger Breaks LLC, 336 Second Ave. S., $ 645,000.

Laura Runchey at Callan Runchey, 619 Herman Court.

Thomas and Donna Hammes trust Thomas Hammes, 511 and 515 Sand Lake Road.

Thomas Hammes at Karla Lawrence, 511 and 515 Sand Lake Road.

Troy Hartman to Troy Hartman Revocable Trust, 1037 Johnson St.

Ronald and Theresa Wessels at Ronald and Theresa Wessels Joint Revocable Trust, 743 Oak Timber Drive.

David Gramling to Mason Gramling, 411 Michael Court, $ 155,000.

Mendota Properties LLC to Scioto Properties SP-16 LLC, 803 and 805 Vilas St., $ 259,000.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership with Aaron and Barbara Craig, 3381 Emerald Valley Drive, $ 119,900.


Joseph and Tammie Lazzaretti to Adolfo Castro and Maria Espinoza, $ 225,000.


Westpfahl Construction LLC to Danny Nguyen, $ 366,950.

Harry and Vicky Helfrich to Dawn Helfrich.

Carrie Gueltzow to Joseph Cina and Nicole Sandmire, $ 295,000.

Jeffrey and Terri Williams at Chelsea and Samuel Schank, $ 302,950.

Traditional Trades Inc at Laabs Joint Tenancy Trust, $ 315,500.

ART Acquisitions Holmen LLC from Kristin and Zachary Rueckheim, $ 59,900.

Crystal and Ross Anderson to Dawn and Mark Bartusch, $ 340,000.


Northern Lights Investments LLC to Kathryn and Steven Carter, $ 378,353.

Amanda and Damian Weiland at D&A 2016 LLC.

Jason and Sabrea Kuderer at KC Revocable Trust.


Thomas and Donna Hammes trust Thomas Hammes.

Thomas Hammes to Matthew Hammes.


Brian Overgard and Alec Salzman, $ 175,000.


Violet Lash to Sarah and Travis Kramer, $ 131,000.

Sandra and Stanley Stetzer to Aaron and Bryan Stetzer.

Brody Lash to Kelley and Mitchell Fenske, $ 147,000.

Kathy Craig to Peter and Tara Mezera, $ 18,000.


Randall and Rebecca Brown to the City of Hamilton, $ 154,600.

City of Hamilton to Randall Brown.

Ronald and Virginia Lejeune, Paul Poehling and the La Crosse County Sheriff to Andy and Michelle Bee, $ 181,000.


Jennifer Jackson, Robert and Richard Richardson Jr. to Matthew and Melissa Shore, $ 4,000.

Andrea and Cory Stocker to Abraham and Christina Wengel, $ 385,000.

Lynn Nehring to Bill Thomas, $ 225,000.

Stephanie and Timothy Sattler to Briana and Patrick Andrews, $ 312,000.


Daniel and Julia Gerke at JJ Hengel Construction LLC, $ 63,800.


Stefanie and Steven McCoy and Madeleine and Scott PAte, $ 160,000.

Estate of David Seiler to Benjamin Seiler.

Nancy and Ray Haynie Jr. to Sue and Timothy Carrier, $ 395,000.

Maureen and Paul Kelly, Janice Vinson to Justin Clark, $ 325,000.


Barbara and Kurt Oettel to Kurt and Barbara Oettel Revocable Trust.

Michael and Susan Rosenau at R&R Herlitzke Trust, $ 310,000.

Kathleen and Robert Brieske to Jan and Sheila Berra, $ 407,000.


Gerald and Darlene Kneifl Irrevocable Living Trust to Dennis Kneifl Revocable Trust.

Dennis Kneifl Revocable Trust to Barbara and Ricky Mikshowsky, $ 28,000.

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