New customer needs require these 4 things

There is an age-old expression that the customer is king. This has never been truer than it is today. The past 12 months have forced many customer needs and expectations to change. The result has been a plethora of challenges and opportunities, from the hottest real estate market on record to recruiting and retention issues for brokerage firms.

Make sure you serve all your customers

When we talk about customers, we are not just talking about consumers. It is true that agents are on a mission to help clients buy and sell real estate, but if you are an owner-broker your mission is to help your agents define what success looks like to them, then to help them achieve this. . In fact, agents are the most important clients of brokerage houses, and brokerage houses are shifting paradigms and increasingly adopting models to reflect this reality.

Broker-owners can count on the fact that if their internal customers are happy, so will buyers and sellers. But what does customer satisfaction look like today, with so many ever-changing internal and external customer needs? What can broker-owners do not just to adapt, but to excel?

Here are four areas to focus on.

1. Double customer service

Some things never change, including the importance of customer service. Customers want to feel valued and appreciated, and things as simple as being available, responsive, and responsive to their needs can have a huge impact. What has changed is the mindset of who your brokerage firm’s clients really are. Buyers and sellers were once at the top of the customer hierarchy, but now agents are on an equal footing, if not slightly higher. Treat your customers, all your customers, well, and they will return the favor.

2. Promote the customer experience

When your customers are happy, they stay with you. This is true for internal and external customers, and happy agents mean happy buyers. Loyalty and satisfaction boil down to the customer experience: what they feel from their first interaction with you. Removing barriers, reducing friction, managing expectations and open communication are all key aspects of a great customer experience.

When your internal customer experience is in focus, your agents will work hard to represent your brokerage in a positive and enthusiastic manner. This translates into a better external customer experience and more referrals, more loyal customers and a better bottom line.

3. Adapt to changing lifestyles

The pandemic has placed more emphasis on personal and professional priorities, and working remotely has brought about unexpected changes for all clients. Agents expect better mobile tools that give them greater business flexibility, as consumers migrate to new markets in search of more space, lower prices, or better equipment.

It is imperative that client lifestyles are an integral part of your vision for brokerage. By integrating lifestyle, you can help your agents create the work-life balance they need in an increasingly virtual workplace while helping consumers find the perfect properties that match their needs. . If pandemic was the buzzword for 2020, lifestyle is the buzzword for 2021 and beyond.

4. Adopt the technology

We work in an industry that is increasingly technology dependent, with a rapidly changing technological landscape. The beauty of this moment is that technology-driven solutions abound for many of the business problems that brokerage firms face today.

According to the latest technology survey from the National Association of Realtors, only 29% of agents were completely satisfied with the level of technology provided by their brokerage. Brokerage technology is the answer to meet all the needs of your internal and external clients

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